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        Welcome to the official website of Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd!

        Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd

        Products using green production materials, hand woven high-end craft home, outdoor home based.

        • Recruitment information for 2021.

          Recruitment information for 2021.


          Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is located in Yingzhou Economic Development Zone, Fuyang City, Anhui Province. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise specializing in high-end craft home furnishings and outdoor home furnishings, and inheriting Chinese hand weaving culture. It has three large-scale modern standard workshops and an excellent management team. Now it has a modern production base of 114 mu, With more than 600 employees, the company has introduced advanced production line equipment from Germany and Italy, which has formed a congenital condition for the guarantee of product quality. In terms of product research and development, the company has a professional and exquisite R & D team. In terms of marketing, the company has a professional marketing team and a perfect marketing system, integrating R & D, production and sales.

        Recruitment information is as follows:

        Production management; Recruitment: 5


        1. Organize and implement the company's production strategic plan, organize, manage, control and supervise the production system to achieve the production objectives of the company;

        2. Participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy and annual business plan;

        3. Organize the formulation and implementation of production strategic plan;

        4. To preside over the formulation and adjustment of annual production plan and general budget;

        5. Lead to establish and improve the quality management system, organize the implementation, supervise and inspect the operation of the production quality system.

        IE Engineer; Recruitment: 1~2


        1. Capacity evaluation, resource optimization, continuous improvement of production efficiency, assist production line to solve problems;

        2. Formulate standard working hours and personnel quota as the basis for plant efficiency improvement and cost evaluation;

        3. Plan the plant layout, optimize the logistics, increase the utilization of space, optimize the assembly line logistics, arrange the assembly line reasonably, and give full play to the efficiency;

        4. Action research (MOD method), improve operation mode and line balance, improve operation efficiency, reduce material scrap;

        5. Standardization analysis research (operation analysis, process analysis), determine the standardization process, improve management efficiency;

        6. Manufacturing cost analysis, reduce scrap cost and manufacturing cost.

        Quality manager; Recruitment: 5


        1. Responsible for the inspection of incoming materials, raw materials, finished products, repaired products and returned products;

        2. Responsible for the collection and arrangement of finished material inspection data, and the preparation of relevant inspection reports;

        3. Responsible for incoming inspection, finished product inspection related data, material sample management;

        4. Responsible for maintenance of supplier and material records.


        1. Technical secondary school or above;

        2. Relevant working experience, familiar with quality work;

        3. Familiar with QC seven tools, inspection process and unqualified product handling process;

        4. Basic management experience.

        Procurement specialist; Recruitment: 4

        job content:

        1. According to the company's expansion scale and annual business objectives, formulate effective purchasing objectives and plans;

        2. Organize and implement market research, forecast and track the company's purchasing demand, and be familiar with the supply channels and market changes of various materials;

        3. According to the company's material needs, select suppliers with reasonable prices, reliable quality of goods, good reputation and high-quality service, and establish a long-term strategic alliance;

        4. Continuously develop new supply channels and suppliers, strengthen the visit and investigation of new and old customers.


        1. College degree or above, familiar with purchasing;

        2. Good ability of language expression, organization and coordination;

        3. Familiar with office software;

        4. Strong sense of responsibility and principle.

        Foreign trade salesman; Recruitment: 4

        Job requirements: foreign trade salesman should be familiar with foreign trade business process, oral English can communicate with customers normally, CET-6 or above.

        Work content: participate in the exhibition, receive foreign customers, make order production documents, be familiar with the factory production process (with the help of old salesmen in the early stage), order delivery, inspection, collection and other processes.

        Project accounting; Recruitment: 1 

        Job description: responsible for the implementation of the project budget, control the implementation of the budget, and timely report to the superior to ensure the implementation of the budget.

        Qualification: more than 2 years working experience in this position or finance related position, engineering project accounting experience is preferred.