letterFranco Alessandrini, the artist, is internationally-known. The native of Sansepolcro, Italy nowmakes his home in New Orleans. He was the artist in residence of the World’s Fair there in 1984, the same year his Louisiana Alphabet poster was declared the official alphabet by then Gov. Edwin Edwards.

Among his sculptures (see his website)

Statue of Christopher Columbus displayed in a fountain on BatonRouge, Louisiana’s riverfront commissioned for the 500-year celebration of the Discovery of the Americas.

Monument to the Immigrants on the riverfront near the Aquarium of the Americas in NewImmigrants Orleans

Fountain – Sculpted in Bardiglio Marble and Bronze – Aboca Herb, Italy

 5 Statues of Religious Women sculpted in White Carrara Marble – Old Ursuline Convent – New Orleans

Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi sculpted in White Carrara Marble – Monte Casale Monastery, Italy