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      High temperature test box

      The high and low temperature test chamber is usually placed in the laboratory to identify the high and low temperature performance of the product. With the development of various industries, the performance of products has become increasingly stringent. Thus driving the application scope of high and low temperature test box, from the initial machinery industry, scientific research institutions have gradually extended to more areas. Nowadays, many users put the high and low temperature test box in the office building, so there is a problem. Can the office elevator and office door equipment go in?

      The general standard is that it is difficult to enter office buildings. In order to meet the requirements of the customer. The manufacturers of high and low temperature test boxes can be made of composition and body type. 1. put the controller of the test box on the top, and the width of the left and right can be reduced by about 20 centimeters. 2. dismantle the test chamber and the refrigeration system, and the height can reduce the total height of the equipment by 1/2.

      Therefore, when choosing high and low temperature test box, the user should consider the test site placing in addition to the test. If door size, elevator size is not enough, whether it can be dismantled doors and windows, whether hoisting can be used. If it can not, it should be based on the size of the test and door size to choose a suitable volume test box to make the left and right up or down detachable high and low temperature test chamber. All these require detailed communication between users and manufacturers.
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