letterthe Flatiron Building, located at 1000 Houston Street in Fort Worth, is a registered NationalClick for larger viewHistorical Landmark because of its significance as the first skyscraper in Fort Worth. Built in 1906-07, it was the tallest building in North Texas.

The building was erected for Dr. Bacon Saunders, Dean of City Medical College and acclaimed as a  pioneer of medicine in Texas.  The Flatiron Building was designed by Marshall R. Sanquinet and Carl G. Staats. Its design was inspired by the larger Flatiron Building in New York which was Panther Heads on the Flatiron Buildingbuilt in 1902.

The building is seven stories tall with a full basement. It is adorned with unique panther heads above its second story.

Learn more about the Flatiron Building atwww.FortWorthFlatiron.com.